Cut your energy costs by -5% guaranteed for 5 years & pay as you save

You are guaranteed energy savings at 95% of your current electricity cost for the next 5 years simply by benchmarking your current energy consumption/spend and committing to pay us 5% less for five years for your new, clean solar and stored energy solution delivering resiliency and reduced carbon emissions.

Your holistic team

MWBattery develops each project with our team of industry leaders. Our systems come at no cost to you, the host, that means you no longer have to worry about financing and payback periods. MWBattery provides all necessary capital for our projects so you enjoy energy savings from day one. The engineering, procurement, and construction is completed by Schneider Electric with grid-quality connections and the entire battery system is performance guaranteed by Willis Insurance.

Your immediate benefits

You get all of the benefits of solar power and energy storage without any of the hassles associated with installation, maintenance, and operation. Throughout the operation of the system, our required payment of 95% benchmark is adjusted quarterly to consumption and utility rates. If rates/consumption increase, it will be reflected in the required payment; if rates/consumption decrease, then so will the required payment. This adjustment secures parity with the market and ensures that your energy savings will always be 5% of standard costs year after year.

Our Offer

We are excited to provide this new program you. To start, please email us your desire to move forward so we can confirm your analysis and commence benchmarking of your energy consumption and spend. Best always,

MW Battery Micro Grid

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